That Mad Kham was told by generation to generation. Long time ago,       there were Burmese people to live at Thong kham field (Namngeun            village in nowadays) which remained trace of old That, temple.

          According to the elder villager’s speech was that Burmese peole entered         deep jungle and saw a beautiful silver elephant wandered along a river         bank until it reached the estuary, it walked to another river about 1,000         yards, when it reached a cave and entered that cave. It was marvelous            that there was land slice to close the cave.

          Burmese people tried  to dig  soil to find that elephant but they didn’t find           it but found only many golden fleas came out from the cave, so they built       a That ( stupa) at that place in 1576 and named it That Mad Kham           (Golden Fleas Stupa) until now.

       That Mad Kham in the past, when people went pray for bringing good       luck, there were golden fleas crawled on people’s legs, when people           went away from that place all golden fleas disappeared with amazedness.

This That was dug by thieves many times, and 1962s it was serious damaged by the war planes and became decay. It was repaired by people in Ngeun district in 1968 and 1997 it was repaired by Information and Culture Office of Ngeun district and District Lao Front For National Construction Office. In 2003 the two offices persuaded people to built the wall around the That until finished. That Mad Kham is the  worship and sacred thing, on Lao New Year people come to pour water the That to bring good luck.

Location:  That Mad Kham ( Golden Fleas ) Stupa is located at Donkeo village, far from Ngeun municipality about 3 Km.
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