Dropping 15 meters over massive rocks into a large, clear pool, Ham Waterfall                  marks a point in the Nam Ham River where a legendary search ended.

          According to a generations-old story, Boten had a fishpond housing a giant,                  poisonous serpent. A bamboo fence kept the creature inside, but one-day the 12-
            nostril snake transformed into a huge crab and snatched the king's daughter,                  promting the king to rename the river, Thanang ( Young Woman ).

             A fortune teller and elders searched for the girl along the Nam Hoy River, and                found  her red shirt at a deep section they named Vang Sadaeng ( deep red water               ). They  continued into the evening, saw rabbits at a set of rapids, and branded              them Kaeng Lad Katai ( Rabbit Rapids ). A bit further upstream, they lit candles,                and designated this point Kaeng Thian ( Candle Rapids ). Then rain fell, triggering            another change in the river's name to Nam Ham. They continued the expedtion                 until reaching Nam Ham Waterfall, and could't go on.

          Location: Visitors can retrace the way to the falls along a 3-km road from the                 Boten District Center.
                Contact: E-mail: keemalasia_2012@hotmail.co.th

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