That Puak Stupa is located on a hill between Donmoun and Kherng villages. It              was built in 1538 at that time it was called Khomkhay district, the ruler was                  Heunkhobhanchomsack. Khomkhay district ( Khob district in nowadays ).

             The older villagers told that long time ago, there were two eagles, husband                and wife. They flew from Nalantha district, India. Their beaks kept  bone of a               monk from Nalantha district, they stopped at a banyan tree. After that, they            flew to a pond to drink water, when they came back to the tree but they                 could not find that bone so they  asked the birds in the forest to help them to                  look for that bone.

              There was a hunter named Mung, he lived at Donmoun village who used to                 hunt in the forest, and that day he went to the forest for hunting as usual. He          was so surprised to see many birds flew around the forest. Especially             around that banyan tree so he tried to get near the tree to see what had                   happened. When he reached a hill he saw many termites picking soil to
                  cover that area until it became termite mound. When he saw that strange
                  event he returned to the village to report what he had seen to the king of
               Khomkhay district at Dongthamthong village ( Muang village in nowadays ).             So the king ordered three soldiers to see that place. When they saw that              termite mound they came back  to report  to the king. After that, the king                   went to see by himself .

               Later, the king persuaded people in Khomkhay district to build That to cover that termite mound in 1536 B.C.  In 1920 to 1923 B.C Khomkhay district changed to Khob district, this That was repaired to be beautiful and bigger. It’s base was 12 sq m , and 14,90 m high.  
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