Siphoum temple is located on Heuang river bank, central of                Kenthao district, it’s an old temple and it’s the worship thing of                  Kenthao people from the past until now.
                It was built in 15th century by Miss. Phengsi, it’s age about 600                  years.
              Miss. Phengsi was the daughter of Kenthao district chief and               Mrs. Chedphiew ( seven – color skin ) who founded Kenthao                  district in the early 15th century.
                Phengsi’s parents wanted to teach her to be a good girl, know                about weaving and house works, but she liked about fighting so                  she learned about fighting with men.
             After  Mr. Thodam was drowned. Kenthao district chief was                 very sad, he became serious illness until died. After that Miss.               Phengsi ruled the district instead of her father. News spread           everywhere which made men who had skill in magic and              fighting wanted to fight her for being the chief of district and              married her, so there was  a fighting competition but all the                   men lost. There were not any good men to match her, so she                   ruled the district for many years and she built a temple  for

showing respect to the soul of ancestors who passed away, that temple was Siphoum temple. And she built stupas such as That Mingmeuang  stupa, 
That Mrs. Chedphiew stupa and other stupas.

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