In 1305, there was a monk named Boualiew PADSATO                          with three novices such as novice Inlao,      novice kham
                         and  novice Kannitha.         They all went to observe the
                        precepts in the forest, but monk Boualiew observed  the                          precepts in  the cave.   That’s why people in Khing  and
                         Kham villages  repaired the cave, they built monk’s cell,
                         stupa  and  brought  the Buddha images to install there
                         for worshiping   and   respecting.   After that, there were
                         many people  who  admired in Buddhism went  to  show

                From that time until now that cave is called Tham Ou                         Toum Kham cave, It’s the beautiful natural cave, suitable                          for tourism ( ecotourism).

                         Every Lao  New Year  many  people  organize  religious
ceremony on Sangkhankheun ( the third day of Lao New Year) such as pour water to the Buddha images for wishing the bad things go away with the old year, and bring good luck.
It is good atmosphere there with the sound of birds, cicadas. There are many beautiful flowers.

Location: Tham Monk Boua or Tham Ou Toum Kham Cave is located at KIng Village, it is far from Xienghone municipality 2 kilometers. 
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