Once upon a time, there was a town called Champasack.                  There was a king’s servant girl, she loved and married with a                   king’s soldier . After three months of pregnancy, her
                  husband had gone for fighting. Unfortunately, he was killed
                 in the battlefield, she became a widow and there was no any           relatives, but the king provided her food because of her                   husband’s goodness.

          Nine months passed, she delivered a girl baby. She was              lovely and lovelier when she grew up. Her beauty changed                 three times a day, she was  white like cotton in the morning,                   she was  yellow in the day time and light  blue in the evening.                   So people called her Nang Sam Phew ( Three—Color-Girl )

This strange appearance made the villagers accused her as an evil girl and she was not allowed to live in the same village. When the news reached the king, he told his followers to follow up that if she was an evil girl as the villagers had blamed. When they saw her, then they came back to report what they had seen to the king and proposed to the king to kill her, but the king thought of her father’s goodness so he only decided to punish them by ordering them to plant the Champa  ( frangipani ) trees on  the flat rocks surrounding Wat Phou temple. The king told them that “If the trees do not grow up or have no flowers, two of you can not live in the town or will be killed “. The mother and girl followed the King’s instruction. They planted the Champa ( frangipani ) trees and all the plants grew up and bloomed, their sweet smell spread everywhere. The king was very pleased with the outcome, but the villagers still hated them. Later, her mother died so she had to live alone.

One day, she decided to leave the town. Before leaving, she picked  three Champa flowers then  faced and walked to the bank of the Mekong river.
She pleaded to the god that “If there are any places where people have good wills and love me, may my flowers run to that place”. After wishing, she dropped them to the river. Strangely, the flowers ran up the current, they stopped running at a place so she relaxed there. Then the flowers ran upward for many days.

Finally, they disappeared in the current, she did not know where to go, she cried out in the jungle. At night, when she was as sleep she dreamed that there was an old man came to advice her to keep on walking. He said that “firstly, you will meet the first stream for you to jump over it, second stream for you to cross and the third one for you walk up until you reach a mountain and then keep on walking across that mountain, you will see the big field for you to stay. At that place there will have people who love forever”

When she got up, she thought of her dream and followed as the old man had told. One day morning, she reached a village. When the villagers saw her they all were surprised with her beauty. News about her beauty reached Meuangtham’s prince, then  he told his servants to take the bags of gold and silver to ask her for marriage. By the time, she just walked through that village to the third stream, the prince asked her  to wait for him at the another side of the stream. When he caught her up, he offered her the bags of gold and silver for the engagement, but she refused. So that place called Tha Na Ngeun ( Money Stream ) until now .

The prince continued asking her for marriage. Finally, she accepted to marry with the prince, then they returned to Tham village but it got dark  so they had to stay at Pangkha village which  was the sacred village, they were  not allowed to sleep together before marriage, If they wanted to sleep together, a buffalo should be killed for worshiping the ghost but they did not follow the instruction therefore their bodies were fixed together. News reached the King of Meuangtham. Then he went to that  place and tried to free them. After they were separated, the prince was ok but the girl died. Before she died, she pleaded the villagers to take her body to bury close the stupa in the big jungle of Nongthao pond in the north of Xerxay in the south of the big plain, but no one knew where it was. News reached people in Meuanglong who knew That village, Nongthao pond in the north of Xerxay and the  big plain. Then  they carried the corpse to that place, during the  way they stopped to measure the buried place by stretching arms (that place called Meuangvar village until now). They dug a hold to bury but they did not bury, they carried the corpse to new village and played gambling  (that place called Bia village). It took many days to carry the corpse so it stank and people spat their saliva (that place called Namlai village). When they reached the place that she had told, Meuanglong people buried the dead body and built a stupa for her.

From that time, Meuanglong people organize rocket festival to show the respect to her stupa. This festival is organized in the seventh days after Lao New Year. 

Location: That Nang Sam Phew Stupa is located at That Village, in the municipality of Thongmixay District.  
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