In 1999,  Viengkeo village was declared to be cultural                             village, the first one in Sayabouly Province. Most
                            people in the village are Leu tribe, they still conserve
                            their old traditions and culture such as clothing, local
                            language and unique tribe. Leu weavers are famed
                            for their cotton farming and cotton weaving skills.

                           The weavers in Viengkeo village are known around
                            the country as master cotton spinners. Working with
                            natural ingredients such as indigo to make shades of
                            blue and green, insect wax ( khang ) to make red, the
                            women dye their cotton yarns in preparation for
                            weaving. The looms used are the traditional looms
                            of Leu tribe: two-pedal floor standing looms with a
                            supplementary heddle that is used to create motifs
                            and patterns.

                            Hand crafted weaving equipment such as shuttles
                            beaters are made by the women’s husbands often
featuring decorative carving that Leu men are also well known for.

The finished items are made into elephant souvenirs, scarves, shawls, skirts, blankets, tablecloths. Traditional patterns and cloths inspire new designs whilst old traditional pieces are created for ceremonies and festivals in the village.Vienkeo textiles can be purchased straight from producers in the village.

Location: Viengkeo Village is located in Hongsa District, far from Sayabouly Town 102 km.


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