The province holds the destination of hosting Lao PDR's annual Elephant Festival in February, and events that is gaining broader international recognition due to Sayabouly large elephant population, the animals importance in the livelihoods of local people, and growing interesting around the world in preserving this endangered mammal.

For visitors seeking an elephant adventure, the Hongsa district tourism office offers several elephant treks, some of which include village homestays. Elephant Asia, a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Lao elephants, also provides elephant activities, and is establishing an elephant sanctuary just outside of Sayabouly town.

Perhaps less well known but of similar interesting is Sayabouly's traditional cotton weaving trade. Tourists can visit northern ethnic villages to witness the entire procedure from ginning freshly picked cotton, touch spinning and dying the threads, to the actual weaving on age Πold looms.

The Lao women's Union and GIZ have done a magnificent job in keeping this tradition alive, and a stop to watch this fascinating to purchase the finished goods.

To assist visitors coming to Sayabouly, the Sayabouly Tourism authority developing two routes. The first travels touch the four northern districts and takes in Hongsa's elephant treks, weaving villages, ancient Buddhist stupas, natural attractions including geological oddities know as The Stone pillars. The north Πsouth route weaves through mountain ridges from Hongsa to Sayabouly district and on to the province's southern Thai Πborder region with stops to visit legendary temples, waterfalls, and caves.

To ensure your visit to Sayabouly pleasant for you and your gracious hosts, we respectfully request you observe Lao customs when visiting Buddhist temples or participating in local religious ceremonies rituals. Also, while the locals warmly welcome visitors, they kindly ask that you make an effort to be culturally sensitive, always keep you cool, and set a good example for Lao youth by dressing modestly and not using illegal drugs.

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