• Houay Nam Sai Spa Center: 2 Days 1 Night

Day 1:
» 9:00 AM
: Sigh seeing Sayabouly town by Tuk – Tuk . Step up monument to see view of the town, see Saybouly history Hall and visit Sisawangvong temple.

» 12:00 AM: Lunch

» 14:00 PM: Visit SibounHueang temple the oldest one in Sayabouly province .
After that go to Houay. NamSai Spa Center, stop to see ethnic villages during the way.

» 4:00 PM: Arrive our destination, enjoy indigenous shows such as Khen Hmong blowing , Khmu song and other, dinner. Stay over night.

Day 2:
7:00 AM: Breakfast. Step up to the cave, come down to learn about herbal plants.


11:30 AM: Lunch, see view of Houng river, massage, sauna , bathing.

4:00 PM: Come back to the town, before reaching the town, drop in to see view of sunset at Namtiene reservoir.

Price per person
2 Person 520.000 kip
3 Person 340.000 kip
4 Person 280.000 kip
5 Person 240.000 kip
• Ethnic Villages Visiting: 2 Days 1 Night

Day 1:
» 8:30 AM: Vitsit Sibounheuang temple, after that set out to the south passing southern bus station about 500 m then turn left destining to Keo village during the way passing ethnic villages see view of Pha khee Min and Phaxang mountains.

» 10:00 AM: Arrive Nathang village (Namthang 1.000 caves area) to learn the lifestyle of the villagers.

» 12:00 AM: Arrive Tham Namlod cave, lunch in front of the cave. After that get in side the cave. Then continue to Tham Chiakhiew cave which takes about 2-Œ3 hours.

» 4:30 PM: Arrive Keo village ( Khmu village ) spend over night, dinner, listen to history of the village and Khmu song.

Day 2:
» 6:00 AM:
After breakfast step up to Tham Phi Oy cave ( ghost cry ).


» 9:00 AM: Cruise down Nam Pouy river on small boat, up on Mekong river to Pakhoung village, lunch.

» 2:00 PM: Continue to Houynamsai Spa Center to see herbal plants , cave, to have sauna, massage on the river side.

» 4:30 PM: Pet to the town.

Price per person
2 Person 1.170.000 kip
3 Person 600.000 kip
4 Person 500.000 kip
5 - 6 Person 480.000 kip
• Cave Visiting: 1 Day

Day 1:
» 8:00 AM:
Set off from the town by pick up passing Nasam, Phaxang and Houaydok villages. Arriving Phoukhamsaen mountain stop to see view of Phakhi ΠMin and Phaxang mountains.

» 10:30 AM: Arrive Namthang 1000 caves area, learning the history of the village. After that set off to the cave, lunch. Get inside Namlod and, Chiakhiew caves.

» 4:30 PM: Getting back to the town.

Price per person
2 Person 500.000 kip
3 Person 320.000 kip
4 Person 280.000 kip
5 - 6 Person 220.000 kip
• Nam Houng-Mekong-Nampouy Rivers Cruise: 2 Days 1 Night

Day 1:
» 9:30 AM: Cruise from Thin village Sayabouly town on Houng river.

» 11:30 AM: Arrive Houng Namsai Spa Center, lunch. After that, step up to the cave, come down to learn about herbal plants, sauna, massage and swim in the Houng river.

» 4:00 PM: Cruise to Pakhoung village, spend over night at home stay, dinner, listen to the history of the village.

Day 2:
» 7:30 AM: Breakfast, after that, cruise down the Mekong river to Nam pouy estuary, cruise up to Keo village (Khmu village ), lunch.


» 1:30 PM: Set up to Chiakhiew and Namlod caves.

» 4:00 PM: Take pick up to Sayabouly town by passing some villages.

Price per person
2 Person 1.060.000 kip
3 Person 740.000 kip
4 Person 700.000 kip
5 - 6 Person 680.000 kip
• Caves Visiting and Cruising: 3 Days 2 Nights

Day 1:
» 9:00 AM: Visit Sibounheuang temple which the oldest one in Sayabouly province to learn about Phavet festival, Phikhone. After that set out to Namthang 1000 caves area which passing many Villages. Arriving Nathang village, Lunch.

» 1:30 PM: Arrive Tham Namlod and Chiakhiew Caves.

» 5:00 PM: Walk to Keo village, after dinner listen to the history of the village, Khmu song spend over night.

Day 2:
» 7:30 AM: Breakfast, step up to Tham Phioy cave ( ghost cry). Get on small motor boat down Nampouy river, up the Mekong river to Pakhoung village , lunch. After that cruise up the Houng river, arrive Houay Namsai Spa Center, dinner and listen to Khen Hmong blowing and Khmu song. Spend over night.



Day 3:
» 7:30 AM: Breakfast. After that step up to the cave, come down to learn about herbal plants, see Namhoung river view, sauna, massage, boating.

» 12:00 AM: Lunch, relaxing.

» 2:30 PM: Get back to the town by pick up during the way drop in at Namtiene reservoir to see view of sunset.

Price per person
2 Person 1.360.000 kip
3 Person 1.000.000 kip
4 Person 800.000 kip
5 - 6 Person 700.000 kip
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